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Putting is the most important aspect of golfing and by far the easiest the practice.  You can basically practice putting anywhere you are.  One of the practice I like to do when I'm waiting in line is the eye practice.  I line my eyes on a target and i pretend to mentally putt from my location to that target.  Just like that, you have yourself a place to practice putting.  Here at the Putt Zone, we will help you in every way possible to become the best putter you can.  Basically, we're going to dig deep into your inner depths and pull the putting tiger out of you.  We prove over and over again to be a great resource, why do you think we have so many sponsors utilizing our techniques.  Well that's it for the intro, let's jump right in and learn why we at Putt Zone are so great at what we do. 

Practice, practice, and more practice!

That's right, all we do for about 16 hours a day is mentally practice our putting.  In between the mental practice, we lay out a putting carpet and use our putting to practice putting.  And sometimes when we don't have a putter, we just just any stick we can locate.  Becoming a great putter is dependent on your focus and stroke practice.  If you make the effort to practice daily, you will become a better Putter.  I'd imagine Tiger Woods taking over 1,000 putts a day.  Many people waste their time practicing more than 90% of their game on their woods and irons.  We, I'm here to tell you as the famous saying goes.."You drive for show, but putt for dough..)  Imagine your score if you can lower your puts from 3+ strokes to <2 strokes.  You would probably have a 50% improvement in score.  

The secret of putting

Okay it's not rocket science, to become a great putter, you do not need the latest and greatest putter.  Just something you feel fits your body in height and weight.  A $500 putter isn't going to make you a better putter.  Once you past the $10 mark in putters, you're basically just paying for show.  Do what I do, I go to a miniature golf place and practice my putting over and over.  At the miniature golf course, I try to find the most difficult one and repeat it over and over until someone kicks me out.  So my secret for you is to find yourself a miniature golf course and practice. 

Traditional putter that I prefer

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that an expensive putter  is a waste of money, I'm just saying that the right putter for you could be $10 and not $500.  It's recommended you step into a Golfsmith and test out those putters before you buy them.  What I usually do is test out the used putters.  These used ones go for less that 10 cents on the dollar.  But if you see one that you fall in love with, well go ahead and shell out the cash, if it wasn't for people that spend money, there wouldn't be a capitalistic society.  I personally got myself a Scotty Cameron putter that was given to me as a gift.  It's a hand me down from on of my golfing buddy. 

Top secret to improving your putting game

Practice your the 5 - 12 feet range the most.  If you can get the ball in at this range, you're almost certainly a lock to putt the ball in two tries or less.  Remember, mastery of the putting is your goal.  There's the least amount of luck involved when it comes to putting.  With a putter, you control your own fate.  Good luck on your putting and visit us again for more videos and training sessions on Putting.